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Page Title in large, blue letters on a yellow background "Lansing Eastern High School Class of 1961"

Prom Night

He worries, "Will she like them,
These flowers that I've brought?"
She wonders, "Will he like my dress,
Or have I shopped for naught?"

He ponders, "What impression
Will I make upon her folks?"
She's praying, "Please, Dad, spare the boy
Your sage advice and jokes."

He's nervous - "Am I early,
Or have I come too late?"
She's doubtful - "Shall I go down now,
Or should I make him wait?"

They're off; the prom awaits them,
They'll talk and laugh and dance,
An evening to remember,
Utopian romance.

~ Gerianne Kludt
A picture of a seven piece dance band

Some might say it was just the gymnasium of the high school they had been attending for the past three years, but all true believers knew that some magic had transformed it into Utopian Splendor. The decorations had been carefully crafted from corrugated cardboard, foil, wire, muslin, and various other materials. Now, as the seniors and their guests entered, the Bob Eberhart Orchestra played the latest hits and old standards, bringing forth just the right mix of dance music. In one area, a photographer was prepared to snap pictures of those who chose to pose.

The background of this page uses the class colors of sky blue from the sky over Eastern High on an autumn day and the indigo blue of the blue jeans so commonly worn by teenagers. There is no known record to tell us how many pieces were in the Bob Eberhart Orchestra that June evening in 1961, but it may well have been a seven piece combo as shown at the left. The they tried to maintain a sound similar to those bands of a by-gone era. The background music for this page is "Serenade in Blue" provided by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. The couple in the second picture on the right was photographed at the prom by the photographer who was there for that purpose. The white rose is the class flower.

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